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April 20 - April 23

April 20 - April 23

Landmark events to Commemrate the 4 Day Centenary Celebrations will commence on April 20th, 2023 at the institute.

Landmark events to Commemrate the 4 Day Centenary Celebrations will commence on April 20th, 2023 at the institute.

Day 1 : 20th April 2023

Inauguration of the Utsav by Dr. Kunwar Vijay Partap Singh MLA

Day 2: 21st April 2023

Musical performance Chief Guests Deputy Commissioner Mr.Harpreet Singh Sudan IAS

Day 3: 22nd April 2023

Inauguration of the celebration by Dr.Inderbir Singh Nijjar Cabinet

Day 4: 23rd April 2023

Concluding function Chief Guests Mr Harbhajan Singh ETO Cabinet Minister Punjab.

An Oasis of Compassion & Commitment
Andh Vidyalaya

A sapling planted most lovingly and endearingly by Late Sh. Mangal Dev ji in 1923 has now blossomed to become a banyan tree. Today it provides shade, shelter and comfort to the visually handicapped from all over Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. This has been possible by dint of nurturing of this sapling by great visionaries and philanthropists from Amritsar and elsewhere. The school, that made a humble beginning with One teacher Shri Naubat Rai Sood and One student, has now risen to leave an indelible mark on the lives of visually challenged. The sole aim of the school management is to make the boys responsible, self reliant so that may contribute towards the strength and uniqueness of our nation. The boys grow to become citizens who are good in Music, Computers, Crafts and their studies. It is not all work and no play. They are proficient in Chess, Cricket and other games. Nothing would have been possible but for the dedication and commitment of teaching and associate staff

We are fortunate that literally ‘Who’s who of Amritsar’ have served this institute. Most prominent among them are S/Shri R.B. Rattan Chand Mehra, Guranditta Mal Kapur, Hari Chand Kapur, R.B.G.R. Sethi, U.C. Sethi, Dr. S. Rozdon, S. Bindra and others.

The school shifted to its self owned palatial premises measuring about 4400 sq. yds. outside Lohgarh Gate, Amritsar in January, 1935. The school is totally residential where all the needs viz. uniform, clothing, books and meals etc are taken care of by the management. No tuition fees or any charges of any kind are paid by the students or their parents.

The school boasts of a well equipped 7000 volume library with two Braille printers and the books are printed and provided in house to the students. To keep the boys abreast with the modern technology, a computer lab has been established where the students learn to develop their communication skills. The kitchen is equipped with an automatic chapati maker while efforts are afoot to provide the latest machinery in the kitchen. The teachers and students eat together in the mess.

For us at the school, it is divine duty to take care and mitigate the suffering of visually challenged boys. We shall endeavor to do our best with the support of public at large.

Sh. Arun Kapur,

What Public Figures Say

Louis Braille - Messiah for the Blind

The most popular resource for visually challenged person is Braille. Braille system is a special way of reading and writing for people who cannot see. It was designed by Louis Braille. Louis Braille was born on 4th January 1809 in France. He and his three elder siblings lived with their parents. His father made leather goods to sell to other villagers. Louis’ father often used sharp tools to cut and punch holes in the leather. Louis became blind when he was 3 years old. One day while playing with one of his father’s tools, Louis’hand slipped and he accidentally poked one of his eyes. At first, the injury didn’t seem serious but then the wound become infected and the infection spread. Soon, Louis was blind in both eyes.

So, Louis needed a new way to learn. He stayed at his old school for two more years, but he could not learn everything just by listening. He went to the Royal Institute of Blind Youth at the age of 10. In 1821, a Former Soldier named Charles Barbier visited the school. Barbier shared his invention called “Night Writing”. A code of 12 raised dots that let soldiers share top secret information on the battlefield in the dark. Louis reduced the number of dots in each character from Barbier’s 12 dots to 6 dots. This allowed all of the dots that made a single character to be touched at once with the fingertip. Louis continued to improve the system, which was mostly completed by the time he was 15.

Louis published the first-ever Braille book in 1829, which described his method of reading and writing. In 1837, he added symbols for mathematics and music. The students loved Louis new code. Braille was supported by the institute’s director until a new director of the school banned it in 1840. But Louis continued to work on his education and became an accomplished musician, writer, researcher, inventor and teacher at the same school he studied at, the National Institute for Blind Youth.
In 1852, he became seriously ill and died on 6 January at the age of 43. Braille went unused by most educators for many years after Louis’ death. Slowly, the world came to know of Louis Braille and adopted his system of dot writing.

In 1952, 100 years after his death, his body was taken to Paris and buried alongside the heroes of France. That day, every newspaper wrote about Louis and thousands of blind people lined the streets to honor him.

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