Andh Vidyala, Amritsar.

Andh Vidhyala, Amritsar

Message : Parneet S Sachdev, IRS

Parneet S Sachdev, IRS

Principal Chief Commissioner, Income Tax

Quantum of roads or businesses can never be a true indicator of the progress of a society or a realm. Because, a nation is an idea, a construct that resides in the collective consciousness of its citizens.

As we live as indelible portions of the environment, much as we may perceive ourselves in duality, the ever-present truth remains that of interconnectedness.

It is therefore, not just an obligation, rather a privilege of ones with sight to create enabling conditions for our children not gifted with physical eyesight. For the latter possess many other super talents which require nurturing and possess an inalienable right to self-esteem and growth. From my heart, I congratulate Sh. Ashok Sethi and his very dedicated team for the truly noble tasks being undertaken at the Andh Vidayala, Amritsar. They have, through their purposeful and self-transcending work, taken forward the dream of Sh. Mangal Dev ji.

Such endeavours enrich the nation and serve as models for the future.

My heartfelt wishes.